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 The event poster contains clippings from Well's articles referring to crime, lynching and segregation.
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 The book cover is inspired by the poster design with a pink opaque overlay. Wells printed her newspapers on pink paper so the blind could ask for the pink paper and have it read to them.
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 Fingerprints represent an erasure of identity and are meant to create a sense of crime and disfunction. They increase throughout each chapter's spreads, disrupting the text to further expose the audience to the undeniable violence of lynching and the lives lost. 
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 Ida B. Wells took very detailed records of the number of lynchings for five years (1896 to 1900) in twelve different states, which she then exposed via articles and speeches. As such, the book is divided into six chapters, the first five chapters for each year and the sixth chapter with the total number of lynchings from 1877 to 1950.   
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